Partnership Projects

Starcatchers’ Early Years Development opportunities are designed to increase creative confidence and spark inspiration in early years practice. Our bespoke training opportunities are available to all early years settings across Scotland. Our dedicated and experienced Early Years Development team will work with you to build a training and development programme that suits your setting’s needs, and the needs and interests of your team and the children you care for.

Starcatchers’ has undertaken extensive work in the areas of Schematic Play and Emotional Literacy, specifically using the expressive arts as a way to develop agency and independence through a child-rights approach to creative play.

Our artist-in-residence project Wee People, Big Feelings explored the expressive arts, particularly big movement play (or rough and tumble) as a way to build and nurture the emotional literacy of pre- and non-verbal children. We have developed several resources from the project to share how the practical application of the learning can be used in your setting or classroom.

We offer bespoke training in Emotional Literacy and Schematic Play, and invite you to contact our Early Years Development Manager, Amy Hall-Gibson, to find out more and discuss training opportunities that will suit your setting’s unique needs and challenges.