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13 October 2017

Geraldine Heaney

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Artist Geraldine Heaney is one of the Sprog Rock band members working across four local authorities to create brand new music with children in different nurseries. In her project blog she talks about the creative process for the children at Kelly Street Nursery in Greenock, whose music was performed at the gigs on 30 September at the Beacon Arts Centre. Read more about the band members here.

Blog Rock!

I love being in Sprog Rock so much, I don’t think I can put into words quite how lucky I feel to be part of this band.

One of my favourite things about this project with Sprog Rock is meeting the children in the nurseries and having the opportunity to really listen to their ideas, ask for their opinions and share things we love with them.

At Kelly Street nursery, in Inverclyde, we shared music videos, found dance moves, made up stories (about a Dinosaur named Rosie) and talked about what it’s like when you get older.

One of the new songs we’ve written is called ‘Same but Different’. This came from one of the children in the nursery explaining to us that when he turned 5, he would still be the same but he would be different.

We asked the group what is different when you get older.

“I’m going to dye my hair”

“I’ll get homework from school”

“I go to a different gymnastics club”

“You can be a mermaid, when you’re 5, if you want”

In our final sessions in the nursery before the gig, we played a stripped down acoustic version of their songs to make sure they were happy with it and created a few additional design elements (Dinosaur heads and drawings for projecting).

At the gig it was amazing to see the children from the nursery come to the front of the stage and come to sing and dance along with us when their song was playing!

The songs written by the nurseries in Stirling are sounding amazing, with lots of cool instrumentation, lots of Jokes and Wild Animals!

The Sprog Rock 2017 Tour continues at the following venues:

Platform, Glasgow | 21 October | 14:00 | 22 October | 10:30

LYRA | 4 November | 12:00 & 14:30

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