Blog Rock

9 March 2017

Katy Wilson

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A mini Sprog Rock blog from our gigs with Expecting Something.


Sprog Rock comes in various forms, sometimes there’s a five piece band with drums and backing vocals, sometimes there’s a twenty-five piece band with a whole team of nursery sized rockers adding dance moves and attitude, or sometimes there’s a three piece band with guest vocalists or break-dancers to help build the atmosphere. Whatever size the band is, Sprog Rock’s main drive is to have FUN.

It’s the smaller version of the band that we’ve been rocking out with at Expecting Something recently. It’s been brilliant getting to know everyone that comes along to WHALE on a Tuesday morning, finding out music tastes, dance skills and their excellent sense of humour.


One of the fun things about the gigs with Expecting Something is how involved everyone is in various different ways: taking the lead to sing Shake It Off, clearing space on the dance floor and teaching everyone new moves; stealing the glockenspiel from the band and creating a new counter melody; singing along to Beyoncé or just sitting watching. There is room in that space for people to participate in the way that feels most comfortable and fun for them.

The last time we were in after Sprog Rock had played a short set it was great to see the stage area get taken over by Expecting Something, dancing with the inflatable flamingo, DJ-ing, singing Disney tunes and making suggestions for future Sprog Rock set lists.

sprog 1

With such a varied programme and such a mix of personalities it has been such a treat to get be involved with Expecting Something, to collaborate with the amazing group and generally celebrate being a bit silly on a Tuesday morning. If Sprog Rock’s main drive is to have fun, Expecting Something is a perfect match.