Code of Conduct

For all delivery teams working with participants (freelance and employed).

Starcatchers is committed to providing high quality, fun, artistic, creative experiences for a wide range of participants from different backgrounds and with different needs. It is our hope that all participants enjoy the experience of taking part in activities and feel that they are in a safe and supportive environment.

As such, Starcatchers expects all employed staff, freelance artists/practitioners and volunteers to treat others with dignity and respect. Bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated at any time. The Company Handbook gives more information about misconduct and the procedures that apply.

The health, safety and wellbeing of all participants and team members is our priority at all times.

It is your responsibility as a member of Starcatchers team to foster a positive and open ethos and to adhere to the following:

Before you start

  • Ensure that the working space is safe and free of any hazards, and be responsible in the selection of materials you are selecting.
  • Ensure that you are aware of all health and safety procedures, and make sure you’ve written/read the Risk Assessment and will be following the steps to keep the session safe for you, the team and the participants.
  • Ensure there are always at least two team members working with each group, and more where required by the space/group demographic/activities.
  • Make sure you’ve read the Child Protection Policy and understand your role in keeping children safe.
  • Be responsible in the selection of activities you are planning and how they are safe and inclusive.

Once participants arrive

  • Lead by example in terms of behaviour, use of appropriate language, professional conduct and interaction with others.
  • Ensure parents/carers understand their role is to look after their child(ren) throughout. Should they need to leave their child(ren) at any point, for example to go to the bathroom, and ask you or another adult to look after their child temporarily, make sure this is well communicated with others in the room.
  • Never put yourself in the situation where you are alone with a baby or child. In the event that this is unavoidable, ensure another member of the team knows where you are. Should you be on your own with the group, eg while the other Starcatchers team member goes to get something, this is ok as long as the children are with their parent/carer.
  • Never give out your personal contact or address details, or connect/Friend via personal social media accounts.
  • Never offer a participant a lift home.

After participants leave

  • Leave the space as you found it. Safely store or dispose of all materials and equipment.
  • Pass and completed Registration Forms and Photo Consent Forms to the project Lead for handling in line with the Company’s safe Data Handling procedures.
  • Upload and feedback/photos/other evidence of the session and then delete from your personal device(s) and online storage files.
  • Speak to a member of the Starcatchers’ team if you have any concerns, observations or ‘niggles’ about a child’s welfare. Your responsibility is to Recognise and Report what you are seeing with the children, not to determine whether it is a safeguarding concern.

Child Protection contacts:

If you are a freelancer, the first thing to do is speak as soon as possible to another Starcatchers team member at the session / in the room. Ideally, the Project Lead or whoever booked you.

Additional contacts (available 24/7)

Designated Child Protection Officers:

  • Judith Anderson, Head of Development & Operations 07976 531 117
  • Rhona Matheson, Chief Executive 07739 504 958
  • Amy Hall Gibson, Early Years Development Manager 07947 568 586

For online or digital safeguarding issues:

Sarah Leary