Children in Scotland’s 25 Calls and Up: here’s how to ensure the arts are truly at the heart of every child’s life

27 August 2020

Starcatchers is one of twelve organisations calling on the Scottish Government and local authorities to ensure arts and creativity are at the heart of every child’s life.

We are a group of organisations and individuals who create arts experiences with and for children and believe that the arts and artists must be brought into the mainstream fold of every child’s support network. Artists, or ‘creative practitioners’, should be part of the core team around every child.

The call can be read in full here, part of Children in Scotland’s 25 Calls and Up campaign to change children’s lives for the better.

Embedded in communities and reaching children through nurseries, schools, out-of-school care, health and community settings, artists’ unique and diverse skillset, expertise, connections and perspective would serve to enrich children’s experiences, enhancing their learning and supporting their overall wellbeing.

We’re calling for this now because we believe that the arts and creativity are an essential part of our humanity and essential for building communities where children can flourish.

Sadly, this pandemic has magnified the fact that not every child lives in an environment where their innate creativity and imaginations can be nurtured and inspired.

Artists have been working with children before and throughout this pandemic – most as freelancers attached to short-term projects and there is real concern that in times of fiscal pressure, these arts projects are among the first things to disappear.

We want to shine a spotlight on the contribution that the arts make to maintaining good health and wellbeing, enriching learning experiences and empowering children to make a difference.

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Articulate Cultural Trust

Action Boat

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