Gabbie Cook

10 July 2019

Gabbie Cook is a former elite gymnast who combines incredible acrobatic skill with her passion for dance to deliver beautifully-crafted and exhilarating circus performances.

Gabbie has been in intensive training since the age of six, starting with artistic gymnastics and then graduating from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a first class honours degree. Upon graduating she joined Acrojou Circus Theatre, touring Frantic nationally and internationally.

She has completed Inflight, an intensive training course in aerial skills including trapeze, silks and rope for artists already skilled in other areas who want to expand their skills base and is also a skilled Chinese Pole acrobat.

Performing for such a young audience is a relatively new and very different experience for Gabbie. She draws on the same strength, balance, acrobatic skill and poise as for every performance and communicates the same raw physical energy on stage. “It’s a wonderful experience to perform to such a young audience, and inspire them with circus and dance! I am hyper-aware of the audiences’ presence because they are so close, and performing for such a young age group we really thought holistically – about colour, movement and sound.”

“Through performing to them we’ve learned what they respond to and it’s fascinating! It’s not everyday that you can make 20 little ones sit upright and focus for 40 minutes. The lights and sound create such a special environment for them to really enjoy the gentle thrills of Little Top.”

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