Greengables nursery opens new exhibition, “Greengables Gallery”

8 June 2023

Today marks the opening of the Greengables Gallery, a joyful new art exhibition created by the children at Greengables Nursery, part of a two year creative project headed by Starcatchers’ artists Kerry Cleland and Katy Wilson.

Wee ones at the nursery said, “The gallery is 10/10. I liked making snakey! I got the snake and put lots of patterns on it. I made this myself!”

“Best day ever!”

“I like the gallery. I made that! I am an artist. I am as good as the painters on the bridge in Paris in France”

Kerry and Katy have worked with the nursery to create public creative play sessions at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh for children birth–5 years old, and a new exhibition of art at Greengables nursery to share with the community. This project has been part of The Wonder Studio, an ambitious two-year programme delivered by The Fruitmarket in partnership with Starcatchers.

Katy and Kerry said, “So excited for the wee ones at Greengables nursery to be opening the Wonder Studio gallery with all their art work. A beautiful space to ignite everyone’s creativity. The staff and children at Greengables nursery will keep changing the space with new art made at the nursery. Very proud of what they have created.”

Hannah Nugent, Creative Learning Manager at the Fruitmarket Gallery said “It’s been an absolute joy for us to partner with Starcatchers and Greengables Nursery to facilitate this exhibition. We are totally inspired by these young artists and everything that they have achieved through participating in our two-year Wonder Studio programme led by Katy and Kerry and inspired by Fruitmarket exhibitions. We’d like to thank the Ragdoll Foundation for making this programme possible, and we hope that Greengables can continue to utilise their brilliant gallery space to encourage more young children to explore their creativity and self-expression.”

It has been a pleasure to work with the children at Greengables nursery on this project, and we are delighted to see their work being unveiled at the Greengables Gallery today.