Happy News Year!

9 March 2017

Lead Artist at Expecting Something in Wester Hailes Hazel Darwin-Edwards shares from exciting news of her own as the group greets the New Year.

“It’s good to be back”   Participant at WHALE

I have a secret to share: for the last 3 months while working with these incredible young parents in Wester Hailes and Lochgelly on the Expecting Something Project, I have in fact been ‘expecting’ myself. I am 14 weeks pregnant; my baby is due in July. And now I want to say to them: through all the incredible stories you’ve been sharing with me about your experiences of pregnancy, birth and your new lives with a baby- I’ve been beginning my own story- and I feel so lucky you’re a part of it. Your humour, honesty and wisdom inspire me (and that’s not just the hormones making me all mushy, honest *sob*).

Since Christmas we’ve enjoyed some live music together- check out this fantastic song Lyu wrote for her baby (in Chinese) featuring beats by Bigg Taj (recorded in Wester Hailes.)

And this lovely moment recorded during a session in Lochgelly where we learned ‘The Cup Song’ with Jo Jeffries and Jed Milroy.

Jo & Jed @ Expecting Something 2016 from Starcatchers on Vimeo.

We also had some cosy den building sessions with Kerry Cleland.

And we did some fun baby led filming with Geraldine Heaney. More on that will follow…


While the weather has howled outside we’ve created these little cocoons each week to shelter in and to grow and nurture away from the storm.

2016 is going to be an exciting year all round and I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges from our journey together.