9 March 2017

This weeks blog is written by one of the young parents attending Expecting Something. Jamie opens up about how important the group has been for her and her son, and the experiences they have shared.

What is Expecting Something to me?

Expecting something isn’t just a group, it is a opportunity and being a young mother who struggles from time to time it’s my ROCK. It’s a place where I feel safe and happy and I know my son is safe. I have gained so much more confidence, skills and most importantly friends. I don’t get worried or scared at the group because he isn’t there’s always only POSITIVE VIBES.katy-wig

What is Expecting Something to my son?

I asked my 2 year old son what the group is to him, his reply was cheeeeeese. I’m taking that as it makes him smile he is most happiest when making noise or making a mess oh don’t forget eating, all three of those things are on offer at Expecting Something.


We’ve met so many great artists from singer songwriters to break dancers and even a cabaret performer, such things I’d never have though my son and I would have the pleasure of experiencing



Kicking back grabbing a xylophone and ‘jammin’ along that is what fun is something that may only last for a few minutes but is so spontaneously starting natural.


Feeling wanted

I have mental health issues as really struggle with feeling wanted and at Expecting Something I feel more than wanted. I feel genuine care and love and for that I am thankful.

Can I imagine life without Expecting Something?

From the skills I have learned and friends I have made along with involving others in my son’s life I honestly can’t imagine not waking up on a Tuesday and being ready to take on anything I AM A MOTHER HERE ME ROAR!