Nat Whittingham

12 July 2019

Nat Whittingham is a professional circus artist, acrobat and teacher who ‘fell into’ his circus career at the age of 18. He began as a trampolinist at the age of 4, and over the years moved up to competing at national level. His talents were later picked up by No Fit State Circus, which offered him a year-long apprenticeship and led to him touring internationally with their show Bianco and later Open House.

In 2014, he went to L’ESAC, a circus school in Brussels, where he specialised in Teeterboard – an acrobatic apparatus that resembles a giant seesaw. He then moved to France and worked with Compagnie Bivouac on their outdoor touring show A Corps Perdu. Nat has also worked across the UK and Europe, with companies such as Upswing Aerial, Pirates of the Carabina and Dot Comedy.

Today, Nat has started his own teaching company, Moving Through Acrobatics, with his partner Gabrielle, as well as being a resident teacher at Circomedia and Fourth Monkey Theatre School. MTA focuses on teaching solo acrobatics and contemporary dance to professionals who wish to develop their skills. This Year, he is set to create his first circus show with Gabrielle under the name Sneaky & Raptor.

Little Top Spring tour was the first time Nat had performed for children as young as 0-18 months but Nat really enjoyed it. “I love performing for a young audience because of the completely honest, pure and always varied response you get. Its different show to show, even within the same day, in more ways than you can imagine.  Compared to an adult audience, younger audiences are able to interpret the show in more varied ways and draw more joy from it.”

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