Niloo-Far Khan is an Edinburgh based emerging director.

Her recent works include directing radio play ‘Glory, Glory an Edinburgh Story’ (by Kamala Santos/Tamasha & HolyMountain Productions, 2022), development of musical ‘The Light Travels’ (by Hannah Lavery & composer Niroshini Thambar/Capital Theatres & Pitlochry Festival Theatres, 2021); short film ‘Black Scots’ (National Theatre of Scotland/BBC Scotland/Hopscotch Films, 2020); ‘In Her Corner’ (by Mikey Burnett/Fringe, 2019); and her role as an assistant on: ‘A Christmas Carol’ (adapted by Scott Gilmour, Claire McKenzie & Andrew Panton/Dundee Rep, 2021) and ‘Orphans’, (adapted by Douglas Maxwell & composed by Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly/National Theatre of Scotland, 2022).