Pop-Up Spaces and Play Outfits

9 March 2017

Hazel Darwin-Edwards

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Lead Artist Hazel Darwin-Edwards discuss the two different projects taken on by the Expecting Something groups in Wester Hailes and Lochgelly. 

Each of our Expecting Something groups have taken on a project of their own this block. In Wester Hailes we have been creating costumes, dressing up and making outfits. In Lochgelly we have been exploring creating spaces to play in- dens, teepees, tents and temporary transformations of our space.

h(our) space in Lochgelly

We were inspired by a moment of togetherness we felt when singing under a huge parachute: the playful confidence of the group seemed to soar inside the tentish dome we created and we sang out far louder than we had a moment ago on the outside. We began to investigate how we could create an intimate place, marked out for quality, playful, creative interactions between parents and babies. The space has to pop up and be fun to build, then disappear at the end of the session as part of the play. When inside we need to feel safe, engaged and relaxed. We have been finding a connection between these spaces and listening to or making sounds. And a connection between changing the light and atmosphere and how exposed we feel.