Small Things

19 September 2017

Ewan Sinclair

Expecting Something regular Ewan Sinclair visited the Wester Hailes group recently to explore creative stimuli with new participants. 

I spent some time with the expecting something crew a few weeks ago. They are still trying to get people (big and small) to join the group and on the day I was there one mother and her son braved the walk up to the front door through the foyer and into the unknown.

I had brought some of the audio visual equipment developed with the Sensatronic-lab; it’s designed to create multi-sensory interactive environments. Once I set up we spent about 20 minutes working together. Here are my impressions of what happened.

A dark space. Happy faces. Sounds everywhere. Reassurance. Introductions. Things happening. Smells. Someone new. 

Sitting tight. Colours moving. Sounds growing. Hunger. 

Bodies gathering. Expectation growing. Comfort.

Wood. Cotton. Metal. Skin. Breath.

Voices. Words spoken. Words returned. Murrmers. Singing. Laughter tumbling. Eyes working.

Fingers, toes, bells and drones.