Spaceman Sam and Disco Dan

2 March 2017

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Hazel Darwin-Edwards is an Associate Artist with Starcatchers and he has worked on several projects and residencies with them as a theatre maker, performer and puppeteer. She co-led the Expecting Something pilot with parents under 25 and their babies.

Hazel Darwin-Edwards explores the storytelling week at Expecting Something in Westerhailes. 

What’s your story?

Ours is Spaceman Sam.


The Lochgelly group looked at the books we like for babies this week, and found some common ground.

EARTH            Earth             earth               ground           ground           ground

PLUTO            Pluto               pluto               round             round             round

JUPITER         Jupiter            jupiter           safe                 safe                 safe

MARS              Mars               mars               sound             sound             sound

SPACE BOOTS            Space Boots                space boots                Space botts

SPACE SUIT               Space Suit                  space suit                   Space soot

I’ve been typing out some pages of words we like and we are going to play with collage images and textures this week. Every baby who comes along will get to take home its own book before Christmas, which they can feature in. All mums of babies under 2 and expecting mums- if you are under 25- do come along and join us in Fife, plenty pages left for you to fill!


It’s the calm before the D-I-S-C-O. In Wester Hailes tomorrow and in Lochgelly next week there is planned disco action, oh yes! My nails are sparkly, my dress is sequined, and my balloon modeling skills have been brushed up (not blown up… yet.) The glitter ball is hanging, ready. We are hoping to boost the number of people coming along to all the groups by creating a bit of a noise at the start of the project. And that noise is the sound of POP MUSIC and PARTY. We’ve been listening to what gets you excited and we are hoping it draws a crowd. Interested? Come along!

baby disco Expecting Something Fife