Starcatchers Creative Play Comes to Moray

16 June 2022

With lockdown restrictions still in effect, in Summer 2021 many families in Moray – as was the case across Scotland— had very limited access to creative activities and groups to join in their local area. Our Moray Babies sessions, delivered in partnership with Children 1st, strived to address that, hosting weekly creative play sessions for parents and their little ones in the Moray area.  

Local artist, Heather Fulton – Artistic Director of Moray-based young people’s theatre company Frozen Charlotte delivered wonderful creative sessions for families in Lhanbryde over nine months. The sessions had something on offer for everyone (babies and adults!) including, visual art, music and movement.  

The importance of groups like Moray Babies for children born during the pandemic was highlighted by participants. 

 One parent said:  

“He was mixing, it was nice to see that as he is a Covid baby. I think he loves the group; he always looks so happy. He’s opened up quite a lot, dancing away and mixing.”  

Parents also felt the benefit, getting the chance to mix with other parents and the project team.  

Another participant said:  

“I’m not the best socially. I get very, very nervous about anything new, new people, groups of people. One of the reasons I’ve returned over and over again is because I feel very welcome here… It’s the people, the team that run it, everyone is just so kind.”  

They added: 

It’s very fun, it’s different each session, everything is very open ended, no sort of expectations… each week is vastly different and done in a way that each one is really good. I’ve loved bits of each one. It gives us ideas and things we can do another time, which is important to us.”  

From the start it’s been unique, there were ideas that we can run with and try with the kids, but it’s still led, still someone helping you with what to try. Nice bit of chat at the end, lovely warm bit of soup, and fruit for the childrenEveryone can find something every week that you enjoy.” 

Anna Downie, Starcatchers’ Community Engagement Manager said:

“It was a wonderful opportunity for Starcatchers to work in Moray as families begin to recover from the pandemic. Little ones and the carers could engage in creative play, opportunities which were very limited during lockdown. Heather created beautiful experiences for families to share together. We are looking forward to restarting our work again next year.”