Wee People, Big Feelings Presents: The Gingerbread Man!

20 December 2021

This Christmas, as part of Wee People, Big Feelings, Scots Corner Early Learning and Childcare Centre are explored the story of The Gingerbread Man, focusing on creativity and emotional literacy.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year in lots of ways, and some of the more traditional festive activities, like nativity performances, step-by-step craft activities and rote learning songs, can add to the stress. So Scots Corner chose to explore a story together through expressive arts experiences that focused on emotional literacy and wellbeing including creative movement, drama, music, sensory play and visual art.

Wee People, Big Feelings is a collaboration between Starcatchers and Scots Corner Early Learning and Childcare Centre, a Midlothian setting that was opened in partnership with the Ministry of Defence to provide early learning and childcare for both military families and the wider community. Since February 2021, Scots Corner have been working with Skye Reynolds to develop their practice and experiences and examine how the expressive arts can help with our feelings.