26 March 2020

Starcatchers is launching a new series of Wee Inspiration idea cards for parents at home with young children.

These are fun, creative ideas to engage little ones without a lot of kit, stress, nor pressure to ‘achieve’ anything.

They are inspired by artists who work across Starcatchers’ different areas of work including Creative Skills, our professional development programme for early years professionals and our community engagement programme.

Heather Armstrong, Creative Skills Manager, said: “In stressful times our sense of fun can often be one of the first things to go, but ironically it’s when we need it more than ever. These are ideas to give families a chance to spend some time together in a low-stress way. If wee ones engage, that’s amazing, if not then there will be something else that works another day.”

Download Starcatchers’ #WeeInspirations here.