What a Line-Up!

9 March 2017

Katy Wilson

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Lead Artist Katy Wilson gives us a breakdown of all the creative activity that’s coming up for the Expecting Something families!


We have such an exciting line-up already for this next block at WHALE. The ideas and artists that are coming in are based on the interests of the group – so exciting to think where we could go from here, adding new participants interests, dreams and ideas!

Please feel free to come along (parents under 25 and their babies) , it’s a supportive peer group who like playing and being creative together.

Here are some of the artists coming to work with us in next couple of months


Mark Bleakley is a b-boy and visual artist . We wonder what the babies will make of his breakdancing!  Mark has danced with wee ones before in a show called Wee Dance Wee Groove. We’ll get the ghetto blaster on the go and see who feels like dancing on the day… there may be helium balloons to get us moving too as it is a little someone’s  1st birthday – not bad to have a bboy at your first bday party!

Pearl Kinnear is a visual artist who is currently on tour with Scottish hip hop band Hector Bizerk. Pearl does art live on stage as part of the performance, as well as working with the founder members to create artwork for ep and album covers.


– this is her album cover for  ‘The bird that never flew’

Pearl is coming to do a play session incorporating light and colour, playing with invisible mark making with black light paint and torches. I think the babies will love this! We are also going to try projecting to enlarge small marks making them become a play environment.

In other sessions we might get pretty messy .. you guys thought this was messy ?well….

we could take messy to a whole new level. We have been inspired by OK GO’s messy , zero gravity music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWGJA9i18Coand have had a lot of fun with balls ..but there are whole new levels of mess in that film that we haven’t quite reached yet!


we might look like these guys ( but a wee bit less hairy)


plans are also afoot to do some RISO PRINTING like this on the left below( but of us rather than Bowie) , the group enjoyed screen printing and this time  we are thinking about making posters..


URSULA CHENG is coming to work with us . This is her amazing work ( above right) ! She also does live Interactive visual projections for music nights and I think we could try this in our theatre space with our kids pressing the buttons


We are all going to go to HUP in the Fringe, which is our very own Hazel’s beautiful show for babies with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Starcatchers. It involves instruments the babies may never have heard live before, a gorgeous set,beautiful movement and a puppet…maybe we will go with Hazel and her new baby.


In a session after this we will make puppets based on materials the babies like (they can pick them) with Elspeth Chapman (a costume and puppet maker whose costumes we saw recently when we went to the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show.)


We will have more music making – singing, playing drums and guitar as they are popular with this group!

We have recorded lots of our own remixes – Justin Bieber with live beatboxing, our nursery rhymes…  but there is a lot more to bring out where that came from, so we will be inviting musicans in to help us.

Maybe we could have our own band?

We are going to work with Cabaret artist Markee De Saw In whatever way we feel comfortable .. we can just watch, be entertained and think or get stuck right in there.

We’re also inviting in a  theatrical makeup artistrainboweye

and we’ll have Jassy Earl back in to explore creative, empowering

‘selfies’ – she cant wait to come back!

Have a read of this by Lauren Laverne: https://www.the-pool.com/news-views/lauren-s-blog/2016/24/lauren-laverne-on-instagram-pop-up-exhibition-mystoryuk

Expecting Something 23(Photography: Jassy Earl)

ultimately we have a group of parents who deserve medals- (which we are going to design too)

They are bringing up the future generation and we want to inspire them even more!

CS Lewis –who wrote one of my favourite kids books ‘The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe’ – said this:


It is a hard, exhausting and sometimes thankless job . . . we are here to try help young parents bounce back, give a bit of confidence and support , provide fun and play to parents and children together.

And help show your love like a big bright shiny glittery thing!

Expecting Something 24-1(Photography: Jassy Earl)

1964842_10153310947526205_4451888317120078704_nExpecting Something 16(Photography: Jassy Earl)

thanks for reading! Katy x

Expecting Something 11 (Photography: Jassy Earl)

Ps if you want to join us on Tuesdays and are a parent under 25 (or have a bump! ) just text or phone Claire from Starcatchers on 07743479800

(Photography: Jassy Earl. http://www.jassyearlphoto.co.uk)