Women Dancing

9 March 2017

Geraldine Heaney and Lou Brodie

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Geraldine Heaney and Lou Brodie write about their experience brining the ‘Women Dancing’ project to the mums and babies at the Expecting Something in Lochgelly group on International Women’s Day.


Women Dancing is a video series started by Film artist Geraldine Heaney and performance maker Lou Brodie. We are NOT dancers but we LOVE to dance and recognised that loads of people love to dance despite not fitting the traditional aesthetic of a dancers body. We use women dancing to celebrate bodies moving, wobbling and having fun to some of our favourite tunes.

Having already created two videos we were delighted to be invited along to hang out with the Lochgelly expecting something group and have them be the first people to grow the women dancing family intro a proper dance troupe!

IMG_3114 IMG_3089 IMG_3086

The Lochgelly group are total pros and both mums and babies were well up for throwing down some shapes and learning choreography from Robyn’s music video “call your girlfriend”.

It’s a real delight to dance with other women on international women’s day. It’s also a real delight to take time to watch and copy the free movement of small children. The action of concentrating on and copying the kids means you don’t think about what your body can and can’t do – you just go for it, you move and whatever happens, happens!

We worked together for two weeks to film footage to create our own version of the music video and as we danced together we began to reminisce about memories of dancing. Some of the mums talked about classes that they used to attend as teens, about dancing on stage at the Lochgelly Centre and taking part in disco dancing competitions, describing the amazing costumes that they would wear.

It’s been an such a pleasure to get to know this group, we’re really pleased with what we’ve created and we hope you enjoy it too.

Women Dancing with Expecting Something Lochgelly – Call your Girlfriend from Geraldine Heaney on Vimeo.