5 Ways With… is a series that gives you a whole week of ideas with one resource! This time we’re focusing on rubber bands.

  1. 1: Chalk trails

    Draw arrows, write numbers or letters or other “mysterious symbols” – maybe you’re spies leaving messages for each other, or you’re great adventurers who need markers to find your way home again.

  2. 2: Pebble trails

    Paint stones in bright colours – you can add letters, numbers or spots to count, whatever your wee one is interested in. Hide them on your way out then gather them in again on your way back home – can you find them all?

  3. 3: Magic trails

    Biodegradable confetti, flower petals or even handfuls of grass can be sprinkled and tossed in the air as you walk and cast your magic spells. Great for thinking up rhymes, creating stories and engaging imaginations.

  4. 4: Colour trails

    A great one for a drab urban environments or gap sites. Use eco-friendly papier mache or coloured air dry clay to create flashes of colourful, temporary art that will break down over the course of a few weeks. See Seed Bomb Tacos for more info.

  5. 5: Photo story trails

    Make up a story inspired by the things you walk past, and take photos of story landmarks as you pass them. Then walk the same route, using the photos as reminders, and try to remember what your story was about!