5 Ways With… is a series that gives you a whole week of ideas with one resource! This time we’re focusing on chalk.

  1. 1: Smashing!

    Wee ones are often fascinated by dropping chalk and watching it break -embrace that curiosity and explore different ways of smashing chalk! Hammers, kitchen equipment, rocks, explore what works best. Is it art or is it science? Who cares, it’s fun!

  2. 2: Chalk putty

    Sweep up your smashed chalk dust and mix it with water to make a chalk putty you can shape like dough – another great sensory activity that’s eco-friendly and can be explored inside or outside. What happens if you leave it outside for the rain?

  3. 3: Chalk walk

    Next time you go for a walk, take some chalk with you. You can turn shapes on the pavement into faces or creatures, draw obstacle courses or just ask “I wonder what this could be?” It’s a great way to combine imaginative play with mark-making.

  4. 4: Water prints

    Once you’ve got some chalky ground you can play with water to make marks and patterns. Drop, scatter or use a wet paintbrush to make marks. Or you can try printing with your hands, feet, natural materials or any objects lying around!

  5. 5: Super chalk

    This is great for wee ones who may struggle to use chalk on other surfaces. Tape down sandpaper and use it as a super-scratchy sensory canvas that makes chalk lines easier to make and more visible. Chat as you play, comparing different surfaces.