1. Blanket Slide

    Lay your wee one on the lycra on a smooth floor and slide them gently across the floor. Chat to them as you move – maybe they’re taking a ride on Santa’s sleigh, or sliding across a frozen pond? What can they see above them?

  2. Swinging Time

    Lay your wee one in the middle of the lycra and with another adult gently lift them up in the fabric and swing from side to side. A fun whole body creative experience.

  3. Lean on me

    Lean and pull the lycra, take the weight of your wee one adding little bounces for them to feel. Wee ones can also do this with you.; not your whole weight – but with resistance they can hold you back as you try to move forward.

  4. Connection

    Stretch the lycra as far as you can. Can you connect as many different points in the space with the fabric? Explore which angles are best, and which materials make good connectors, such as pegs.

  5. Stretchy Animals

    Create animal shapes from the fabric. How do they move around? Do they slide or jump or fly?

  6. And Remember...

    Young children are usually pretty accepting of abstract ideas – but if they tell you you’re wrong, it’s a great opportunity! Offer them to work with you to create something they think would be better give them the chance to share their own ideas.