5 Ways With… is a series that gives you a whole week of ideas with one resource! This time we’re focusing on pom poms.

  1. 1: Sorting

    Can you sort the pom poms by colour? By size? Can you place, throw or roll them into groups? This is a great sensory play experience that builds the foundations of numeracy and counting.

  2. 2: Make it rain!

    Fill an umbrella, a bowl or cup and scatter the pom-poms from above. How many can we catch? What does it feel like as they fall on us? What happens if we twirl as they rain down? A fun whole body creative experience with lots of chances to chat.

  3. 3: Pom pom people

    Using clothes pegs to grab some pom poms is great fine motor exercise…and then you have your own pom-pom people! Do different colours or sizes have different personalities or voices? Add faces if you like, using stickers or pens.

  4. 4: Pom pom run

    Cut toilet rolls, wrapping paper centres or long tubes in half and let your wee one tape them up on a wall. Explore which angles are best for rolling pom poms down, build tracks or use paper to create ‘doors’ at the end.

  5. 5: Get stuck in!

    Use some sticky back plastic or loop sticky tape to create a sticky ‘canvas’ to let wee ones create their own pom-pom art! Windows, curved surfaces or mirrors add extra challenge and interest.