1. Scarves are Awesome!

    Scarves are an amazing open ended material that are fantastic for encouraging movement. Have you seen anyone pick up a scarf and not want to give it a twirl? Here are some ideas to get you started playing with scarves, and check out the video online for even more ideas!

  2. 1. Waving

    A scarf in the air is a great way to inspire movement – the focus is on the scarf, and your body follows. Spinning, swooping, tracing shapes or writing your name – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get moving.

  3. 2. Covering

    See through scarves are excellent for Peek-a-boo – they’re super light which makes it easy for babies and very young children to move them. Once you’ve both mastered taking the scarf on and off, try swapping or sharing – mini tent for two heads, anyone?

  4. 3. Catching

    Throw a scarf in the air and watch it float down – work on that whole body coordination and try catching it on your hand, or foot or head. Or can you throw your scarves in the air and swap with someone else before they land?

  5. 4. Imagining

    Your scarf can become a tail to turn you into a horse, or wings for a bird, or even the spinning blades of a helicopter! See where your imagination takes you and find all the different ways your bodies can move when you start pretending to be something or someone else

  6. 5. Cleaning

    Bundle your scarf up and use it to gently “clean” the floor, your own body, or even each other. This can be a great way to start winding down and discuss different kinds of gentle touch (tapping, stroking etc) after a lot of high energy movement.