1. If your wee one...

    • Places toys in neat rows instead of playing with them “properly”
    • Has strong feelings about who sits where
    • Prefers food presented separately instead of mixed together
    • Enjoys patterns and grouping similar objects together

    They’re not being “naughty” – they’re exploring the positioning schema

    Schemas are patterns of repeated behaviours which children engage in. They are a crucial part of development and learning. Here are some ideas can help channel their interest.

  2. 1. Scavenger Hunts

    How many things in your house can you find that are pink? Go on a scavenger hunt for objects that have something in common, then let your wee one position everything the way they want to. This is a great way to chat together about shapes, colours, numbers and size.

  3. 2. Sorting

    Items like pom poms are great for sorting by colour, but you could find use any other small object. Find them together and sort them by shape, colour, pattern or material!

  4. 3. Stacking

    Creating piles or towers of objects can be a great way to explore positioning too. Blocks or stacking cups are the most obvious examples, but your wee one might enjoy the challenge of natural objects like sticks or stones when out and about. Or what about stacking dishes in a dish rack?

  5. 4. Mandalas

    Mandalas are large circular patterns. Gather items to make a piece of art – natural materials like stones, leaves and sticks can be great for this. Start a centre and radiate outwards in a circle – once your wee one gets the idea you’ll be amazed how often they start building their own.

  6. 5. Move together

    Positioning can also be learning about how to move our bodies together – try mirroring their movements, matching body parts and letting your wee one take the lead.