1. If your wee one...

    • Throws toys instead of playing with them “properly”
    • Loves dropping things – spoons, food etc
    • Moves toys or objects in straight lines – side to side, forward and back, up and down
    • Is fascinated with running water
    • Loves jumping off furniture

    They’re not being “naughty” – they’re exploring the trajectory schema

    Schemas are patterns of repeated behaviours which children engage in. They are a crucial part of development and learning. Here are some ideas can help channel their interest.

  2. 1. Dropping

    Dropping items from different heights is a common pattern and helps your wee one understand gravity and weight. Why not drop soft toys from a height, build a pom-pom run, or take biodegradable confetti on your next walk?

  3. 2. Water

    For a less messy way to explore water moving, get outside! Grab a squirty bath toy or clean medicine syringe and some water. Wee ones can explore how far the water will fly whilst also drawing on dry ground (or watering the plants!)

  4. 3. Throw something soft!

    If your wee one is really into throwing things, why not move together? Floaty scarves or feathers are a great way to throw things and move together without risking breaking something!

  5. 4. Explore obstacles

    Whether you’re at home or out and about, find obstacles to explore. Encourage your wee one to assess risk, e,g, chatting about how stable their footing is, how landing on grass/cushions is safer than concrete. Channeling their need to climb and jump works so much better than trying to stop them.

  6. 5. Get dramatic!

    Part of the trajectory schema is also about moving up and down. Use some imaginative play and drama to make jumping and climbing more engaging and more focused!