5 Ways With… is a series that gives you a whole week of ideas with one resource! This time we’re focusing on water.

  1. 1: Potions

    Bowls, jugs and cups of different sizes, food colouring and natural materials like herbs, seeds and mud add variety and interest as your wee one pours, mixes and splashes to create their own potions. You can keep your stress levels low by playing with potions outside!

  2. 2: Rain walks

    Rainy days give you loads of new ways to play! Get your waterproofs on and explore: race leaves down gutters, shake raindrops off tree branches, spot patterns as raindrops fall into puddles, and hunt for the biggest, splashiest puddle you can find!

  3. 3: Colander rain

    If you’re not lucky enough to have a rainy day, get your waterproofs on and make your own! Scoop up water with a colander and ‘rain’ onto umbrellas, race across the garden or spin and see where the water goes.

  4. 4: Water drums

    Fill different sized bowls with different amounts of water and tap the side to see what noise they make – the more water, the higher the note. Extra points if you can float the bowls in a big bucket, paddling pool or even the bath – and then play a tune!

  5. 5: Ice balloons

    Fill a balloon with water and freeze for a great outdoor activity. These massive chunks of ice can be thrown, smashed with hammers, floated, melted with cold water, and peeling off the leftover bits of balloon is a great fine motor activity.