Starcatchers is running a series of training events over the summer, giving artists the opportunity to explore schematic approaches to the Arts in Early Years outdoors using loose parts play.

24 June: online zoom workshop (10-11.30am)

This online session will cover the basics of child brain development, what schemas are, why they’re important and how they can be used to engage young children in arts experiences, both participatory and performance. Artists should attend this session as preparation for one of our live events.

This zoom session is intended to be an introduction for artists wishing to attend our in person schema workshops: Pop Up Play Days, however you can just attend the online workshop.

See how schemas influence the development of our productions:

Pop Up Play Days

These outdoor sessions will be facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team from Starcatchers, who will set up creative provocations designed to encourage schematic play. Artists are invited to bring their young children or invite friends and family to come along and play, create and observe how young children explore schemas in a creative environment.

Friday 2 July
Tollcross Park, Glasgow

Monday 12 July
Lochore Meadows, Fife.

To attend these workshops, we highly advise attending the zoom session above first.