Whatever stage you’re at in your career, Starcatchers can help you develop your ideas and your practice.

Our artist development scheme offers four distinct levels of support – from helping you uncover the first shoots of an idea, right through to producing a touring production.

Read more about each level below:

Starcatchers' Artist Development programme

  1. Level 1 - CONNECT

    Starcatchers CONNECT is our first level of support, open to all Scotland-based artists interested in working with, or making work for early years audiences. Contact us and we can offer the following:

    • A meeting, in person or online, with either Rhona Matheson (Chief Executive), Jennifer Philips (Head of Artist Development) or Gemma Smith (Associate Producer), to listen to your ideas, and help you find ways to move them forward. This could include possible future support from Starcatchers, funding opportunities, or introductions to other artists  and companies
    • To attend your sharing or workshop, wherever possible
    • A general advice session around producing/fundraising/finance or other specific topics
    • Access to Playspace, Starcatchers’ free training/development programme opportunities
    • An invitation to Starcatchers’ social meet-ups, which (usually) take place at least once a year

    How to get in contact:

    Email to find out more.

  2. Level 2 - EXPLORE

    Our second level of support, Starcatchers EXPLORE, will offer artists already in the early stages of developing their ideas:

    • Access to seed funding to help with early concept development and to explore your ideas. This funding will usually be awarded through open calls such as our Playfund.
    • Financial,producing, marketing and evaluation support as required. It may include Starcatchers’ input into your creative process, making use of our expertise in producing work for the very young.
    • Help identify specific opportunities though Playspace for you to see other work, network, or access mentoring.

    Arron Sparks
    Andre Anderson
    Ben Winger
    Cynthia Cheung
    Jude Williams
    Kirsty Pennycook
    Lucy McGreal
    Niloo-Far Khan and Sarmed Mirza
    Skye Reynolds

  3. Level 3 - DEVELOP

    The Starcatchers DEVELOP programme is aimed at artists seeking further development for potential productions. Support in this programme can include:

    • Financial or fundraising support
    • Producing, marketing and evaluation support as required.
    • Support with casting, introductions to creative team, production staff etc.
    • Support to test your ideas in early years settings or with early years audiences
    • Starcatchers’ input into your creative process, making use of our expertise in producing work for the very young, including opportunities to share work with Starcatchers artists and team
    • Invitations to meet and share ideas with other Starcatchers Develop artists
    • Opportunities through Playspace for you to see other work, network, or access mentoring

    Artists supported on Starcatchers Develop  will usually have undertaken initial concept development through Starcatcher’s Explore strand, but we are open to discussions with artists who have developed their initial ideas in another way.

    Please contact Jennifer or Gemma for a meeting.

    Kerry Cleland
    Stephen Deazley
    Dirliebane Theatre Company
    Heather Fulton

  4. Level 4 - PRODUCE

    Some projects that have been progressed through Starcatchers DEVELOP will be offered full producing support to realise the production and tour to audiences across Scotland.

    Starcatchers are only able to support approximately one project per year in this way.

    Andy Cannon and David Trouton – Spike! A Dinosaur Caper

The incredibly warm and friendly vibe I was surrounded by…seeing the imagination and curiosity of children being evoked every day was a true inspiration.

Beth Morton