Encouraging healthy attachment and bonding between caregiver and child, BabyChill is filled with soothing music and a super soft interior to create a unique shared experience.

Baby Chill was created as part of Sacha’s year long residency at Carnegie Hall in Fife, which was part of the Inspire Project 2009-2011.

Very safe and warming.

Great combination of lights, textures and sounds.

‘It is amazing how much babies’  brains take in.  Science is showing us that they are unimaginably attuned to the people and environments around them.  What I love best about BabyChill is that it reveals these capacities to adults.  You can see babies’ behaviour and emotional state shift within minutes of entering this very simple space.  Once you realise that the shift is telling you something about how brains work, it makes babies and human behaviour in general more fascinating.  When Sacha Kyle beckons families and groups into BabyChill, she’s not offering only a lovely experience, but a means of seeing deeper inside a baby’s heart and mind.’ 

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Leading Early Years Scientist and Developmental Psychologist

Wonderful... just lovely! Thank you!

Light changes were particularly stimulating.