Blue Block Studio is an exciting, innovative, creative play space for babies under 24 months and their grown-ups.  It offers the opportunity for adult and baby to interact in a friendly, inspiring and beautiful environment.

Blue Block Studio looks at genuine connection, interaction and play between an adult and a child valuing creative play as vital to physical and mental development. In designing the environment Katy and the team considered the needs of babies, how the space should be open, welcoming, encouraging movement, exploration and choice. At every stage in the development of Blue Block Studio each aspect has been shared, adapted and developed following input and feedback with babies and their adults.

Blue Block Studio was originally conceived as part of the Culture 2014 programme during the 2014 Commonwealth Games by Visual Artist Katy Wilson, Ewan Sinclair, Kim Moore and Kate Bonney.

The project originally came to life in response to Katy having her own children and identifying the lack of both relaxing and accessible places to be with young children that consider the needs of both parent and baby.

Safe, stimulating and welcoming space for my baby. So respectful of their abilities and desires”

Audience feedback

Creative Team
Katy Wilson Lead Artist
Ewan Sinclair Visual Artist
Kate Bonney Lighting Designer
Kim Moore Sound Designer
Geraldine Heaney Filmaker/Photographer

Cast & Crew 2016
Kim Donohoe Artist Host
Hannah Venet Artist Host
Fiona Johnston Stage Manager
Yvonne Buskie Stage Manager
Zoe Squair Production Manager

Cast & Crew 2015
Maria Giergiel Artist Host
Katy Wilson Artist Host
Fiona Johnston Stage Manager
Zoe Squair Production Manager

Cast and Crew 2014
Becki Gerrard Artist Host
Yvonne Buskie Stage Manager
Zoe Squair Production Manager

  • Katy Wilson

    Lead Artist, Wester Hailes

    Katy works on Expecting Something and is creator of Mixed Up.

  • Geraldine Heaney

    Associate Artist

    Geraldine is a Glasgow-based film-maker, artist, freelance enthusiast and adventurer. She has worked with a multiple artists and organisations, and is a member of Sprog Rock, a band that create gigs for under 5s and their friends and families.  


WHAT a difference a month, a week even, can make when you are under five. It is those degrees of developmental acumen that Starcatchers have responded to with shows running at Tramway. In Blue Block Studio, Katy Wilson and her team have created a blissful chillout, look-listen-or-play zone for zero to two-year-olds and their parents.

Mary Brennan The Herald