Starcatchers is really excited to work with Gigha primary school and partners. We wish to have a positive impact of the wellbeing of the pupils who have been through an isolating time during the pandemic. We will embed artists within the rural community to empower the young children towards a festival celebrating their community and themselves.

Anna Downie, Starcatchers Community Engagement Manager

Lead artist Kirsty Pennycook is working with children in schools across Gigha to plan, organise and deliver a Children’s Festival School Day in June 2022.

Kirsty is working with children to gather their interests, and support them to host their local community to gather their input for the festival, empowering the children as hosts and creators. Based on the children’s interests, Kirsty introduced guest artists who are experts in the different creative areas to plan, organise and deliver the School Day for the festival. Gigha Primary hosted other partner schools for creativity days to create plans and content for the festival. 

During the project Starcatchers’ Creative Skills team ran training with the school staff on the use of creativity in a education setting, this was a mixture of online and in-person training. 

The project will conclude in a children’s festival at Gigha Primary for children, artists and the local community during the last weekend in June 2022.