We work with artists and companies to create high quality, inspirational, ageappropriate performances and visual art installations. Some of the work we are developing at the moment is below:

Sit, Stand, Lie
Dirliebane Theatre

Sit, Stand, Lie was first explored through Starcatchers Playfund. Stage two development will Rachel Colles and Fiona Ferrier are Artistic Directors of Dirliebane Theatre Company, creating clown theatre performances for children, young people and their families. Through development of Stand, Sit and Lie Dirliebane will observe and explore what babies up to the age of one are doing in the moment of these three positions and look for common or playful experiences they have to create a piece of work about connection that can speak to a very young audience.

Heather Fulton / Frozen Charlotte

Heather is working on Island,which will be a new performance experience for babies. A collaboration between Starcatchers and Frozen Charlotte Productions, Island embarks on an adventure to explore ideas around the experiences of parents and babies and their relationships with one another. The joys of being in your own encapsulated little world and also the isolation that can come with it.  Testing the water, checking if you are ready to send your child out into the world, out across the ocean… No! Not yet – too soon…?  Exploring feelings of idyllic paradise juxtaposed with feelings of being marooned. Island aims to explore meaningful themes for adults with visual and sensory exploration for babies.

Stephen Deazley
Stephen is researching Bounce, an interactive music performance for babies aged under 24 months, with original score.

Kerry Cleland
Kerry is researching for a new work Float.

Out of the Box
Skye Reynolds
Out of the Box will be a performative experience for early years working with cardboard boxes as a starting point. The research will explore schema patterns and dance as relational play. The aim is to develop ideas/material that could inform the creation of a performance & installation experience for 3-5 year olds.

Arron Sparks
Arron is developing ideas for an outdoor immersive performance, which blends traditional storytelling performance and improvised play.