At Expecting Something I can let the child come out in me!

Expecting Something participant

Expecting Something is a free weekly creative group for young parents aged 25 or under with a little one from bump to 2 years. Our Wester Hailes group meets every Thursday in the community garden of Whale Arts Centre in Wester Hailes and includes free healthy snacks and hot drinks. The sessions are led by visual artist Katy Wilson who loves to create fun and relaxed play-spaces for adults and babies to enjoy together.

The content of the sessions are shaped by the group and their interests.  Sessions cover many different art-forms including painting, sculpture, woodland craft, music and puppetry. As well as the weekly sessions you will also be given the opportunity to visit and engage with cultural activities in their area.

If you, or anyone you know, are aged 25 or under with a little one from bump to 2 years, then why not come along. If you would like more information, join the group online or attend our outdoor sessions, please contact us.

There’s loads of baby groups, but nothing like this. This group is amazing”

Expecting Something parent

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