All children were spell bound.

Audience member

It is fantastic to take a child to a peaceful intelligent performance. Introduced them to theatre and good music. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Audience member

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…..

The man in the bowler hat admires his sunflower and makes a pot of tea.

The angel dusts her wings and carries a little brown suitcase packed full of her things.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

The clock begins to chime, the cuckoo sings, and time brings the man and the angel together.

Luvhart is magical tale about two very special wind up figurines living inside a magical cuckoo clock. Presented as a visually quirky and whimsical journey through the changing seasons, Luvhart is a humorous piece of physical theatre accompanied by live cello exploring what it feels like to be lonely and the importance of friendship.

Luvhart was created by Sacha Kyle as part of her year-long Inspire project residency, based in Carnegie Hall and Lochgelly.

Tron Theatre | Glasgow 28 October
Carngie Hall | Dunfermline 4 November