Creative movement artist Skye Reynolds led a 5 month residency project at Hillend Children’s Centre in Greenock which aimed to explore the impact that consistent creative movement session had on the children, parents and staff. Moving Matters involved parents and carers to support positive shared playful experience that they could continue to explore at home.

The practitioners in the setting were greatly affected by the residency; the nature of Skye’s residency meant they were opened to new ways of working as well as encouraged in the creative methods they already employ. Many of the staff undertook the Starcatchers Creative Skills training programme parallel to this project.

Hillend is an integrated setting in Greenock offering Childcare for children aged 2 – 6 and placements for children with Additional Support Needs from birth to age 3.

Staff Feedback:

All the children in the Snowdrop room seem to have responded positively to the creative movement sessions by showing increased interaction and vocalization. They are expressing themselves in new ways that seem completely natural and comfortable, expanding their play, their trust and their understanding.

I find it difficult to explain the positive feelings that I feel after taking part in these sessions. The children are so relaxed and calm and the response and interaction between the children and the staff really feels fulfilling and satisfying. It has been unexpectedly emotional… Generally the children are very involved with their own interests, sometimes we don’t expect hem to take to part in new activities but they have responded so naturally that it has been fantastic to share this time together.

Skye’s feedback:

It’s a pleasure and privilege collaborating and moving with staff and children in Snowdrops – thank you Sharon for your special, insightful blog with input from Rosemary and Wendy. It’s been a transformative journey with a warm generosity and trust that have also enabled me to expand my personal practice. Together we are discovering exciting new possibilities for creative communication that I had not anticipated…Judging from the words above, it’s the children who have been doing the anticipating – and perhaps now they’re showing us the way!

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