Teeny Weeny is a joyful and heartfelt show for under 5s by the acclaimed Shaper/Caper, presented by Starcatchers and Shaper/Caper and featuring beautiful design by Janis Hart.

Big Bug has one job and one job only – gathering leaves. He gathers leaves all day, every day. That’s until Wee Bug comes along. They start exploring Big Bug’s terrain and all the fascinating objects hidden there. Uh oh – Big Bug doesn’t like change! Can he break out of his old routine and learn to make a new friend?

Meanwhile, Wee Bug dreams of flying. They long to soar, float and sail across the breeze. Will Big Bug help Wee Bug find their wings?

Join them in their Teeny Weeny world as they transform and learn that change is good and friends don’t always have to be the same.

Starcatchers and Shaper/Caper present ‘Teeny Weeny’, a pop-up performance all about bugs, mini-beasts and nature that celebrates the world around us.

‘Teeny Weeny’ explores the world under our feet and flying around our heads, designed to take place outdoors and inspired by the natural environment around us.  The work will feature two dancers and there is no speech in the work, keeping accessibility in these challenging times at the core of the piece.

“The work celebrates the beauty and variety of the insect world,” says Shaper/Caper’s Artistic Director, Thomas Small. “We will use the movements and behaviours of insects such as bees, butterflies and midges as a choreographic starting point and devise work that encourages children to play with their accompanying adults.”

Thomas, creator of the sell-out Paper Moon, commissioned by Cumbernauld Theatre imagines “the work as a blend of physical, athletic dance mixed with emotive, beautiful and visually arresting moments.”

Shaper/Caper is an independently led organisation based in Dundee developing the work of multi award-winning choreographer, BBC Radio 2 Artist in Residence, and Clore fellow, Thomas Small.  Creating excellent art that connects with real people drives both him and the company to want to ensure that as many people as possible, despite their socio-economic backgrounds, race, and/or gender, can access high-quality arts for free.