The children loved the build up to the screening – the bus, the red carpet, the balloons, the hype.

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The News and Weather is a short film created by children from 6 nurseries in Falkirk and East Glasgow, assisted by Starcatchers Associate Artists Matt Addicott and Katy Wilson and filmmaker Joanna Susskind from digital and analogue artists collective Toad’s Caravan. The film was created over a period of 10 weeks, with the children taking part in each stage of the process, from influencing the content of the film, presenting and acting, and filming.

The News and Weather follows on from the success of This Sucks! The Movie by Matt Addicott, Katy Wilson & Toad’s Caravan.

The finished product was premiered at sparkling private gala performances for the children who took part in the project, and their parents and carers and nursery staff. There were also public performances at the GFT, Glasgow and Hippodrome, Bo’ness.

Matt Addicott
Katy Wilson
Joanna Susskind, filmmaker

Watch This Sucks: The Movie

Watch the making of This Sucks: The Movie

They said it is really important and rare for these families ( in the area) to go out as a family this year. The Hippodrome will be the only time they do this (organised through the nursery).

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Screenings, 2013
Platform | Glasgow 18-19 June
Hippodrome | Falkirk 20 June

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