UNCON is an event designed to showcase and celebrate the best of youth arts and creativity in Scotland. Since 2016, it’s been held every two years. What makes UNCON special is that it is an event designed by young people, for young people, that showcases and celebrates some of the amazing young talent here in Scotland.

In this artist-led conversation, commissioned for UNCON, Starcatchers asks: how can we get answers to our questions about the impact of COVID-19 on our youngest citizens when the questions are out of reach? How do we give the children the opportunity to express themselves? How can we make sure that young children continue to have a platform through events like UNCON? How do we listen? How do we respond?

In the first month of the Year of Childhood, join Starcatchers’ artists Rebecca, Matt and Geraldine to explore the curiosity of children, and discover, by simply listening to them, how much children tell us through their play.