We Dance Wee Groove is crammed with all kinds of motivational/developmental stuff that tots thrive on, what makes it a winner is the feel good factor it uncorks across in an hour


The Production

A journey to the four corners of the dance floor!

Music to move to for you and your funky young things. A chance to get on down and enjoy an amazing selection of fabulous tunes.

Take a toddle on the funky side! Dancers will help you to get physical and explore the dance floor with your trendy tots. Wiggling, waddling, crawling, rolling, jumping, jiggling and running around! We Dance, wee groove is all about using your imagination, joining in and having fun. Colourful, ambient lighting and moving images create a multi-sensory experience to keep you and your little ones on your toes.

We Dance, wee groove was originally commissioned by Imaginate and was supported by the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund. It has subsequently been performed for the Inspiration Festival in Glasgow and in various venues around Scotland.

Visit www.wedanceweegroove.co.uk for more information about current tours.