Wee Inspirations

Adventure Walks

  1. The basic idea

    Go outside… on a mission! Is there someone who needs help? Or something you need to find? It can sparked by “clues” in your surroundings, based off of their favourite toys/stories, or whatever randomly pops into someone’s head.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Let your wee one lead the way. Ask them “I wonder what we should do next?”. Maybe they have a ‘map’ that means they know which way to go. If you’re in a group, let them take turns deciding what to do next. No answer is wrong!

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Problem-solving and compromise
    • New way to interpret stories – connecting books with play
    • Great way to engage energetic children in imaginary play on the move
  4. Variations

    • For pre and non-verbal wee ones, ask the same “I wonder” questions and pick up on where they point, gaze or move to shape the adventure
    • Keep something small hidden in your pocket to “find” at the end of the mission
  5. And remember…

    It doesn’t matter if you completely lose sight of your original mission or go off on a tangent, what’s important is imagining together, giving wee ones a space where they are the experts and get to shape the world with you.