Wee Inspirations

Air Drawing

  1. The basic idea

    This idea really helps you look at shapes in the world around you and turn them into movements and pictures. Use your finger in the air to trace a line around the furniture, or a tree, explaining as you go: “That’s the top, now down the side” etc.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Ask “what else could we draw around in the air?” and see what your child is interested in – they might tell you with words, or by pointing, or looking in a certain direction. Babies can be carried as you trace and move, older wee ones can join in the movements.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Understanding and recognising shapes
    • Exploring whole body moves now helps support fine movements later
  4. Variations

    • Turn your air drawings into a version of “I Spy” where you guess what each other is drawing
    • Practice air drawing all the circles in the room, all the squares, all the triangles – then try drawing or painting the shapes together on paper. Your bodies will remember the movements!
  5. And remember…

    A blank page can be scary if you’re not confident about drawing, whether you’re 3 or 93! It can be frustrating if you can’t get your hand to draw what’s in your mind’s eye – these kind of games help make drawing fun and silly, focussing on the moves instead of what ends up on the page.