Wee Inspirations

Christmas Chaos Cards

  1. The basic idea

    STEP AWAY from the perfect foot/handprint Christmas card ideas on the internet! Some babies might enjoy being painted, but lots don’t – save yourself the stress and let your wee one create some festive cheer on their own terms.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Check out No Brush Painting – use Christmassy coloured paint and let them explore. Once the paint is dry, give your wee one a cardboard frame roughly the size of a card, and get them to frame their favourite bits. Which bit would Granny like? Cut out the bits they choose (or take a photo).

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Self-expression and agency
    • Chatting about others helps develop empathy
    • If their hands or feet get painty you can always swoop in for a wee print at the end
  4. Variations

    • Take a photo or video of the creative chaos and send that to loved ones instead
    • Play your favourite festive tunes to dance to or sing along to as you paint together
  5. And remember…

    Don’t expect perfection – your wee one may make circles, they may run around randomly If you’re stressed about the mess, your wee one may pick up on that. It helps to have a clean up strategy beforehand (wipes on hand, bath already run), so you can let their creativity unfold without constantly wiping and stressing. Singing Christmas songs helps keep stress levels low too!