Wee Inspirations

Christmas Every Day

  1. The basic idea

    Most wee ones go through a stage where they LOVE wrapping and unwrapping – the good news is that doesn’t mean you need to buy new toys every day! Use a light scarf or muslin cloth to wrap up every day objects to be discovered.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Using cloth makes it easier for wee ones to wrap or cover objects themselves, so they can quickly take ownership of the game. Expect LOTS of repetition and ask “I wonder what else we could wrap?” to keep their imaginations working.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Great way to renew interest in forgotten toys
    • Exploring imaginative play and cultural events
    • Playing with dramatic tension and surprise can be a great way to have a laugh together
  4. Variations

    • Try exploring the same idea with boxes, bags or discarded wrapping paper
    • Wrap up a few different toys and turn it into a guessing game – which parcel is duckie in?
  5. And remember…

    There’s a lovely social ritual in giving and receiving – make a point of being grateful every single time your wee one hands you a “gift”, even iif its the tenth time you’ve unwrapped the same stone that day! They chose that object for a reason, and they’re choosing you to share it with.