Wee Inspirations

Christmas Wrapping

  1. The basic idea

    Download a free beat-maker app onto your phone, or search “Christmas beat” on YouTube. Say the lyrics to your favourite Christmas song to the beat and you’re basically MC Rudolph!

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Once you’ve started your Christmas rapping, leave pauses mid-sentence and give your wee one a chance to join in – they may know the words, or just babble along. Toys or Christmas cards can be used to represent different songs, so non-verbal wee ones can point to choose the song they’d like.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Exploring rhythm is great for speech and pre-literacy skills
    • Builds concentration and listening skills
    • Divergent thinking – old songs in new ways
  4. Variations

    • Move to the beat as you rap – hold wee ones in your arms so they feel the movement as they hear the rhythm of your voice
    • Bounce your child on your knee to the rhythm of your voice
  5. And remember…

    Nobody expects you to be the next Christmas number one – give up any pressure to be perfect (or even good) and embrace the silliness of rapping children’s stories. If you fall over your words, laugh about it and try again – seeing you fail and try again is a powerful lesson for your wee one to see.