Wee Inspirations

Dancing Cheek to Cheek

  1. The basic idea

    Next time you’re having a kitchen disco, say”Dancing cheek to cheek!” then dance with your cheek against theirs as you count to 8. Vary the shapes and moves you make by naming different body parts – “dancing knee to shoulder” anyone?

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Ask “which body parts we should dance with next?” and let your wee one decide – they may tell you with words, pointing or gesturing. Give lots of feedback: “that’s your head, shall we dance head to head?” naming body parts and showing you’re paying attention to what they’re telling you.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Develops body confidence and sense of self
    • Develops vocabulary and communication
    • Numeracy, counting and rhythm
    • Dancing together is a great way to burn offenergy AND boost your mood
  4. Variations

    • If there’s a few of you, you can work in pairs or try to link ALL your bodies together
    • Count in twos, fives etc to help older siblings with different aspects of numeracy
    • Pretend you’re stuck together – hilarious!
  5. And remember…

    If you’re worried about the game getting a bit too rough, try playing some slower music and focus on gentle touch, giving LOTS of praise when your wee one is gentle.