Wee Inspirations

Festive Faces

  1. The basic idea

    It’s time to upgrade peekaboo! Cover your face with both hands – when you move them away, show us a different expression on your face. Great for festive video calls with wee ones.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Wee ones love repetition AND novelty – if you cover and reveal the same expression a few times, when you show them a NEW expression it will be even funnier! Name emotions as you play, and try copying faces as your wee one makes them, naming them as you go “Is that a happy face?” etc.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Emotional literacy
    • Turn-taking and communication
    • Laughing and being silly together is a great stress buster!
  4. Variations

    • “I wonder what a bear’s face would look like?” – explore ideas of different animals, characters etc.
    • Ask your wee one what face to make next – even if they just make a noise, do your best to turn that noise into a frozen face
  5. And remember…

    If your wee one says “That’s not right!” they aren’t telling you that you’re wrong, they’re just saying what you’re doing isn’t matching up with their imagination. Use this as an opportunity to let them be the expert and help you! Your faces don’t have to be a perfect recreation, it’s all about having fun and learning together.