Wee Inspirations

Finding Faces

  1. The basic idea

    With a little imagination a mark on a tree can turn into an eye, nose or mouth! Next time you see a ‘face’ when out and about, show your wee one – you’ll soon be chatting about the happy tree, the shocked house or the grumpy drain.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Say “I wonder if we can see any more faces?” and give your wee one some time and space to find their own. Let them be the expert and really look and listen as they point out faces they find, and ask follow up questions. I wonder how they feel? I wonder if that’s her hair?

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Emotional literacy, empathy
    • Developing language
    • Great way to keep wee ones amused as you go for a walk, sit in a waiting room, or explore a new space
  4. Variations

    • Take photos of the ‘faces’ to chat about later,or use a free app to edit and draw on them
    • Muddy Faces! If you’re in a natural environment, can you add mud or anything else you can find to make the faces stand out more?
  5. And remember…

    They may love the game straight away, or it might bubble away and they’ll mention it weeks later – both are totally okay. Just point out a face every now and then and see what happens.