Wee Inspirations

Funny Face Remote

  1. The basic idea

    Draw a simple remote control with different emoji type faces (or put stickers on an old remote) and pretend it controls your face – when you press ‘happy’ you smile, and so on…

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Let your wee one press the buttons and try and keep changing your face to whatever they press. Does the remote work on your wee one? Does it work on toys?

    Name the emotions as you play, discuss reasons why someone may be sad, scared, happy etc.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Learning about emotions helps understand ourselves and each other
    • Identifying emotions without needing words
    • Funny faces are hilarious to wee ones and the sound of them laughing is THE BEST
  4. Variations

    • If your wee one is struggling with their feelings, leave the remote near them – they may use the buttons to say how they feel
    • Do they want to design their own remote?
    • Add PLAY, PAUSE, FAST FORWARD etc. to add a physical element to the game
  5. And remember…

    Recognising and naming feelings is important, it helps children feel seen and understood. Pretending to have different emotions helps wee ones recognise, and cope with, those same feelings when they happen for real.