Wee Inspirations

Give Me a Sound

  1. The basic idea

    Ask your wee one for a sound, then copy their noise and turn it into a funny voice. The voice can be used for a character during imaginative play, or to bring a new dimension to well loved stories – maybe Rapunzel can be narrated by a cat!

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Mirroring your wee one’s sounds and facial expressions is a powerful way to bond AND gives them the chance to shape this creative game! Change your voice every time they babble or make a noise – they’ll soon realise they’re in the driving seat and really start to have fun.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Develops bonding and empathy
    • Builds agency and communication skills
    • Gives favourite stories a new twist
    • Pre-literacy skills, vocabulary
  4. Variations

    • Let your child choose small toys to represent different voices/characters
    • Different “characters” that you’ve developed together can help take the stress out of everyday tasks, like brushing teeth or getting buckled into the car seat or pram
  5. And remember…

    Taking the time to slow down, tune in to your wee one and be a bit silly opens you both up to those “wow” moments, when you see them understand or learn something new.